Tell us about your case and we will study it in detail even while you are out of the country

paciente extranjero

How we do it?

1. Before the surgery

  • Contact with Doctor Ruyra Cardiac Surgery Unit
  • Evaluation of your medical reports and diagnostic test. We need this information to complete an extensive evaluation of your case: we select the best surgical option, calculate surgical risk, hospital requirements, forecast of lenght of stay and related cost.
  • Cardiac surgery Budget. Personalized quotes (itemized invoice when necessary). The basic quote will include the cost related to your hospital stay (up to 5 days in ICU, and up to 12 days in ward), preoperative and postoperative test (lab-test, X-ray test, image studies…), operating room, ICU,Ward, Cardiac Surgery team fees (surgeons, anesthesia,perfusion,scrub nurses, ICU team, Cardiologist, ward nurses) and postoperative phisiotherapy.
  • Accomodation for one relative is included. (*) Travel arrangements and hotel cost are not included (*) Insurances are not included (*) Cost of cardiac prostheses are not included
  • Agreement Signature after your approvation/acceptation of the quote and related cost, we proceed to the agreement signature between you and Vida al Cor.
  • Payment in advance
  • You must paid the total amount of the budget before your admittance in the hospital. (Vida al Cor policies include the return of the deposit if the scheduled surgery does not take place, except for cost incurred).
  • Patient checklist: we provide you a comprehensive list with everything you need to do before and during your trip and what you need to bring with you.
  • Travel arrangements (optional)
  • Reservation of flights for you and your family • Preoperative and postoperative Hotel booking • Transfer to & from airport : a member of our team will be waiting for you • Medical Insurances (optional) • Complications Insurance and Reoperation Insurance are availables (see below) MEDICAL INSURANCES AVAILABLES

2. In the Hospital

  • Cardiac Surgery team availability 24/7
  • Administrative formalities
  • Respect for all religions and beliefs
  • Translator ( English, arabian and Russian speakers)
  • Leisure programs availables for your family re programs availables for your family

3. Fitness for fly

All information you need for travel. Your surgeon can provide your “fitness for fly” form.

Aircraft cabins are pressurized, but not to sea level. The cabin pressure is tipically equivalent of up to 8.000 ft. This results in: less available oxygen (partial pressure of oxygen drops to the sea-level equivalent of breathing about 15% oxygen instead of 21%) and gas expansion in body cavities (approximately one-third increase in volume) particulary relevant to middle ear, sinuses, pleural space and after some types of surgery).

Recommendations on Fitness to travel: 10 days after cardiac surgery if asymptomatic, uncomplicated recovery and X-ray excludes pneumothorax. Post CABG Hb > 9.

Known our facilities for foreign patients