Myths and legends about heart operations

Video of Doctor Xavier Ruyra in which he tells us about the myths and legends that surround heart operations and raise doubts in patients.


Under the leadership of the head of department, Dr. Xavier Ruyra, the members of this cardiac surgery group have performed open-heart surgery on more than 5,000 patients with outstanding outcomes.


During this time, the group has introduced the very latest in cardiac surgery technology, developed innovative surgical techniques, and achieved an outstanding local, national and international reputation for its excellent results.

Mitral valve repair

Video of Doctor Xavier Ruyra in which he tells us about mitral valve repair. There are four cardiac valves that control the flow of blood, and the mitral valve is one of these. Its function is to make the blood flow in the right direction and in the right way.


When the mitral valve does not close properly this leads to cardiac insufficiency and overloads the heart. Some years ago patients suffering from this severe insufficiency of the mitral valve (mainly for degenerative reasons) were operated on to replace the affected valve with an artificial prosthesis.


Thanks to modern technology we can repair nearly 100% of them, improving the patient’s life as this avoids them having to take anticoagulants and therefore preserving the structure of the heart.

Mechanical valves and biological valves

Video of Doctor Xavier Ruyra in which he tells us about the differences between mechanical and biological valves. The former last longer although they require taking anticoagulants (Sintrom) for life.


On the other hand, biological valves have an average life of 10-12 years but do not require anticoagulants to be taken. They are suitable for patients of advanced age or those who cannot or do not wish to take Sintrom, for example women intending to get pregnant.