Roberto Salcines:

Hello everybody. A year ago life gave me a surprise. I was diagnosed with a Barlow prolapse of the mitral valve in my heart…

…I had run marathons for years, done athletics and, well, I unexpectedly suffered this heart problem.


After looking around here and there I ended up being operated on in Barcelona by Dr. Xavier Ruyra and his team, to whom I am eternally grateful.


That was a very difficult, uncertain time both for me and for my family and, thank God, I found Dr. Xavier Ruyra’s team at Vida Al Cor, Raquel, Santi and all the people that make up this wonderful team. In the end they managed to repair my mitral valve and, well, let me go back to running.


Now I’ve just run 10km. I encourage you to consult Dr. Xavier Ruyra if you are in any doubt. He’s a truly humane, kind person and a great professional.

Eva Bofarrull:

Hi, my name is Eva and I’m 45 years old. A few months ago at a visit to the cardiologist I was diagnosed as having a mitral valve that didn’t work properly…

…I was with my husband at the timeand was a little scared since I didn’t know what would happen next. So, the cardiologist referred us to a surgeon so the surgeon could tell us exactly what needed to be done next. In the meantime, we started looking for another cardiologist or surgeon to advise us on other possible procedures.


The day of my appointment with Doctor Xavier Ruyra arrived and we went and talked with him. He seemed like a lovely and very professional person.When I left, I felt a huge sense of relief. His explanations and the sense of confidence he gave us were just when I needed. As I closed the office door,I said to my husband, “Quique, we don’t need to find another doctor. I want him to do the surgery.” He made me feel so at ease and gave me so much confidence that he would do everything possible to make sure everything went well that I didn’t want to keep looking for another doctor. That was it. I made my decision, cancelled the other appointments, and waited for the day of my operation.


In the meantime, I spoke a lot with Raquel,who was very charming and extremely professional. She reassured meand encouraged me quite a lot. All the people I met who work with Doctor Xavier Ruyra were the same, very professional, very concerned about me, my family and everything related to my surgery, and to making sure that everything would go off without a hitch. The day for my operation arrived, 22 January, 2015, and everything went splendidly.


I would just like to thank the whole team and Doctor Xavier Ruyra himself for making sure that everything went perfectly. Thank you so much!It is thanks to you all that everything was perfect. A big hug and kisses from me! Thanks from me and from my family! Thanks for being so good!

Marcos Santana:

Hello, my name is Marcos. I am 32 years old and I am a Jehovah’s Witness. In 2010 I was diagnosed with a dissecting aortic aneurysm…

…Due to my strong religious convictions which are based on biblical teachings, I was not willing to receive blood transfusions and therefore I could not find a surgeon who would perform surgery on me. I was aware that alternatives existed, so I continued my search until I discovered Dr. Ruyra and his team who were willing and able to carry out the surgery.


In 2013 they operated on me, and did an excellent job of replacing my damaged aorta with a synthetic tube.


I’m deeply grateful for the work that Dr. Ruyra and his team carried out and I would like to thank him on behalf of my family and me for respecting my personal beliefs and for his confidence, friendliness and professionalism.